Customised Solution

Our team develops customised solutions using your data and infrastructure, allowing it to be easily integrated with the rest of your business.

Use Case Driven

Our consultants create a sustainable roadmap for your business by helping you prioritise your use cases with a proven framework.

Cloud Ready

Our dev-ops team builds a vendor-agnostic, cloud-enabled pipeline, ensuring reliability and scalability at the lowest cost.

Continuous Value

Neither Rome nor pipe dreams are built in one day. Our consultants aim to deliver continuous value throughout the development life-cycle.

With Your Team

We are committed to integrate with your team, learn about the details about business while continuously handover developments.

Creative Innovations

Our strategy team helps you manage risks and expanding opportunities proactively, preparing you for the 4th industrial revolution.

Cloud-native Applications

Migrate and build secure, scalable and economical applications in the public cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP)

DevOps Consulting

Explore, recommend and assist in
delivering reliable software effectively

DevOps Implementation

Implement security oriented
DevOps best practices

DevOps Cultivation

Nurture and train DevOps champions through
hands-on workshops and tools

Executive Data Science Workshop

Creating data science awareness for executives
to lead your organisation into an AI era

Strategic Data Science Roadmap

Creating a data science roadmap and hiring
strategy to grow the competency sustainably

Machine Learning Models

Creating & deploying bespoke ML models
for your use case

Data Visualisation

Creating stunning visualisations
to unlock valuable insights

Merelda Wu


Merelda specialises in identifying business questions and translating them into mathematically solvable equations. She is responsible for prototyping and implementing data science / machine learning solutions.

Her love for well-anotated databases is rivaled by her hate of excel spreadsheets.

Harry Lee


Harry is a dev-sec-ops evangelist, and is lovingly known for permeating the devops culture across the organisation. He is the cloud architect and responsible for deploying solutions using state-of-the-art technology.

He cannot stand any inefficiencies and will happily automate all your workflows.

Calvin Kammeraat


Calvin’s strength lies in high level operations management, excelling at value chain, quality assurance and product design while aligning to the underlying strategy and financial constraints.

He loves pushing the boundaries of accepted thoughts for new innovative solutions.


CUTE DROID AT WORK (it's not about the degree)

BB8 uses his impeccable looks to win clients over, while helping his jedi masters to accomplish the important tasks of urging humanity onto the right path of data science and dev-ops in the cloud.

Note: do not put coins in him, BB-8 is NOT a slot machine.